It is an inquiry into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), based on the perspective that the Earth is not just for humans. It was conceived through dialogue with children around the world in the Animal Conference on the Environment project.

Talk to Animals!


    Let's talk
    to the animals!

    It is humans who have made the earth full of environmental problems like this.

    Is it really enough to learn only from human adults?

    Rather, I think it is important to have a dialogue with the animals that continue to suffer a lot from humans.

    Now it's time to talk to the animals!

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    Be an animal!
    Let's think!

    Our Vision

    1/3 for myself
    1/3 for the animals
    1/3 for the future

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    【Goal 13】

    Let's act quickly so that the climate will not change and stop further adverse effects

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    【Goal 15】

    Prevent desertification by keeping the forest alive don't let the soil get worse and reduce the variety of creatures

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    【Goal 17】

    To create a society that can continue forever cooperate with people all over the world

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    Partners, Members

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    About US

    Introduction of the lead organization

    Animal SDGs was conceived in the fall of 2021 from the The Animal Conference on the Environment project promoted by Nurue Design Institute. This project started in 1997 with the Kyoto Conference on the Prevention of Global Warming (COP3). We have developed our own picture book series, animation series, and human resource development methods, and are conducting workshops with children, youth, and adults in Japan and around the world.

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